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The Finance Committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in Selbert Hall

The Committee is comprised of Pastor Eugene Ulrich, Pastoral Associate for Administration, Deacon Jim Jaworski, two trustees, Dottie Austin, Mike Script and seven parishioners: Kris DiScipio, committee chair, Jim Cammere, Dave Schmidt, Sean Beckwith, Henry Koziol, Chris Lynah, and Taylor Gavigan.

Finance Committee Objectives

The Finance Committee is guided by these objectives:

  • Maintain emergency funds equaling three months of operating expenses.
    • We are still maintaining this reserve despite the Master Plan spending and the impact of the pandemic.
  • Invest in basic capital improvements.
    • Due to the sustained support of our parishioners, we have been able to continuously invest in basic capital upgrades.  
  • Invest in adult ministry programs as directed by Parish leadership.
    • We anticipate continuing to grow our investment in adult ministries to reach more parishioners at various stages of their lives.
  • Invest in youth ministry programs as directed by Parish leadership.
    • The Parish and the Finance Committee remain fully committed to supporting the education of the next generation of Parish leaders and members.

We remain focused on the on-going crisis in the Diocese and the potential impact it might have on Parish finances.  We are diligent in protecting Parish assets, and the parishioner donations that make them possible.


Stewardship is having the wisdom to understand that everything we have is a gift from God.

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