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The ministry of altar server is one of only two areas of liturgical service (music ministry is the other) open for both girls and boys who have made their First Holy Communion, but are not yet Confirmed. After Confirmation, they may serve as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers, and they are free to continue their ministry as altar servers. Older servers are a wonderful gift to the parish as they are able to lead younger servers by example and offer a reverent and confident grace in their ministry for us.

An altar server wears an alb (white vestment) and cincture (ceremonial cord-like belt). The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) notes on their website that they “carry the cross, the processional candles, hold the book for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar, carry the incense and censer, present the bread, wine, and water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist him when he receives the gifts from the people, wash the hands of the priest, assist the priest celebrant and deacon as necessary.”   “Servers respond to the prayers and dialogues of the priest along with the congregation. They also join in singing the hymns and other chants of the liturgy.” Thus, they have the very important responsibility not only of helping our clergy but of leading us in song and song prayer.

For additional information about Altar Servers, please visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website at:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website (CLICK HERE)

The Annual Bishop’s ‘Altar Server of the Year’ Award

The Bishop’s Altar Server of the Year Award honors servers for their dedication and service. The award is presented by the Bishop at a special Mass and presentation ceremony at St Joseph’s Cathedral. Congratulations to our recent recipients:


Jacob Alessandra


Daniel King


Joseph Kupczyk


A J Anderson
Victoria Jankowski


Angelina Dake
Cameron Eastland

Frank Lewalski
Veronika Tibold

Matt Bartnik
Maria Tibold

James Carlin
Lauren Carlin

Jacob Bonk
Edmund Malkiewicz



Printable schedule (.pdf format) for altar servers (opens in new window):

January - February 2020 Altar Server Schedule (CLICK HERE)

March - April 2020 Altar Server Schedule (CLICK HERE)


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Serving at your scheduled assignment IS IMPORTANT!  If you cannot serve at your scheduled Mass, please find someone to trade with or fill in for you.



Are you in 3rd thru 12th grade? Are you required to complete community service hours for school or scouts? Come, you can serve the Lord! Become an Altar Server at The Church of the Annunciation parish. 

Please contact: Our parish secretary at: 716.683.5254 or e-mail to: Parish Secretary or
the leader of our Altar Servers: Mary Weber:
 e-mail to Altar Server Lead


Updated: 27 February 2020


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