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Pastoral Council

The purpose of the parish pastoral council, as described in canon 536, is the "fostering" of "pastoral activity" in the parish. A pastoral council has been established whose responsibility is to investigate under the authority of the pastor all those things which pertain to pastoral works, to ponder them and to propose practical conclusions about them.

The Annunciation Pastoral Council meets monthly, September through June, on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Selbert Hall Meeting Room.

Parishioners are welcome to attend. Due to limited seating and prepared agendas, it is recommended that you contact a council member prior to the meeting you wish to attend.

The Council  currently consists of the Pastor, two trustees, three at-large members, and three representatives from the Parish's five Commission groups, and the council secretary.

Father Gene Ulrich, Pastor

Tom DiScipio, Council President

Mark Bergmann

Wayne Drzymala

Sarah Haefner

Deborah Keenan, Pastoral Associate for Ministry

Bob Krolczyk, Parish Trustee

Molly Moessenger

John Neidhart

Paula Penepent

Jen Stark, Parish Trustee 

Frank Wawro

The Council will meet for 2016-2017 as follows:

Pastoral Council - Mtg Room

scheduled May 8, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Pastoral Council - Mtg Room
scheduled June 12, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM



Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 3/13/2017


Present at Meeting:  Fr. Gene, Tom, Molly, Sarah, Mark B., Homer, Wayne, Deb, Paula

Approval of February’s minutes:  motion by Paula, second by Mark B.

  1. Monthly Speaker: Deb Keenan, Pastoral Associate for Ministry
    1. Deb wants to make sure we know what she does
    2. She is the Pastoral Associate for Ministry
      1. Also acts as event coordinator and graphic designer
    3. Collaborates with Fr. Gene to offer a little bit of something for everyone in the parish community
    4. Works 16 hours/week over 2 days, but also answers emails on other days
    5. Provided “Duties of the Current Pastoral Associate for Ministry” sheet for us detailing her many contributions
    6. Also passed around a number of pamphlets, etc. that she has been responsible for generating and/or updating
    7. She also manages the parish calendar and determines what is displayed in the church and school signs (visible from Clinton St.)
    8. Acts as a mentor for new parish staff
    9. Tends to do her work 8 months out
    10. Goal is to act as the “oil in the machine” to keep everything running and fine-tuned


  1. Parish Volunteer Program Update
    1. Molly attended the first meeting
    2. Goal was to unite Parish Day of Caring participants with youth group Service Club
    3. About 30 people attended interest meeting
    4. Currently focusing on a small number of projects:
      1. Dress a Girl
        1. Sew simple dresses for underprivileged girls in developing countries
      2. Making place mats for the Kairos prison ministry
      3. Sole Hope
        1. Making shoes out of old blue jeans
    5. Projects they hope to add:
      1. No-sew blankets
      2. Respite for care givers
      3. Frozen meal prep
    6. What Melissa W is looking for is for others in the parish to step up and lead additional programs
    7. They meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 11am-5pm in the school
    8. Deb provided Melissa with the insurance forms for the parish’s protection
    9. Deb sees the biggest need is for visitation for the homebound/those in nursing homes
    10. Big goal as well is to just get a network of volunteers available
    11. Paula’s potential name: “Hands to Serve, Hearts to God”
    12. Adult-centered group will work in tandem with, yet independent of, the youth Service Club and the Cub/Boy Scouts


  1. Fall Event – Spirituality Fair
    1. Fatima “umbrella”?
    2. Devotion options:
      1. Ignatian spirituality
      2. Marian devotions and rosary, connection to Christ
      3. Lectio Divina (possibly run by Vicky Boreanaz)
      4. Praying with Icons
      5. Contributions of Catholic Church to science
      6. Apparitions
    3. Sub-committee: Deb, Paula, Sarah, Tom, Wayne
      1. First meeting Thurs, Apr. 20 at 6:30pm
    4. Deb wants to make sure we can also tie some of these devotions to actions
    5. Potential format:
      1. Develop topics and then group them into several nights (I.E. a night on prayer with breakouts on Lectio Divina and Praying with Icons)


  1. B.O.W. Update
    1. Current Quest books being discontinued
    2. Probably going to go with “Exploring the Sunday Readings” program
    3. Sign-ups for fall session will occur in June


  1. Upon This Rock
    1. We are upwards of 68% of goal
    2. We are searching for a proper place to permanently display our map


  1. Pastor Report
    1. Over 100 people attended Mardi Gras event
      1. Actually made a very small ($15) profit!
    2. Meat raffle was also a great success
      1. Made over $5000
      2. Either sold out or very close to it
    3. Canisius College Chorale returned, always a big turnout
    4. Soup & Scripture continuing with good turnouts



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