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July 15, 2018

15th Sunday Ordinary

“Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two..” Jesus summons and then sends. He calls “disciples” (those who follow him) and commissions them to be “apostles” meaning “those who are sent.” They are to travel light: with a walking stick and sandals but no food, no sack, no money, and no 2nd tunic! Can we imagine setting out with little or no provisions? Why two by two?  Jesus wants the disciples to practice what they preach with their travelling partner and to  help each other along the way. Why little or no provisions? So the “disciples now apostles” would discover God’s providence through the hospitality of those who hear their message and welcome them into their lives. They are to preach repentance, to drive out demons and to anoint with oil those who are sick.

Preaching with authority is not an easy to do. Ask Amos, the prophet, who is asked to leave the King’s sanctuary for speaking truth to power. Preaching with authority does not mean raising one’s voice and shouting people down. Preaching is sharing the Word of God with humility -- knowing the first one to hear God’s Word is the prophet or preacher him or herself and knowing the likelihood of rejection. Apostles are also called to exorcize demons. Expelling demons can only be done with great prayer and the power of God. We can imagine “the sent ones” leave with trepidation and feeling inadequate for the task at hand.

But surprisingly they carry out the mission: preaching repentance, driving out demons and anointing and curing the sick. Guess what? Jesus gives us a similar mission. We too are summoned and sent into the world proclaiming the Gospel of Life and sharing God’s mercy and goodness. An example for us is Fred Rogers. The documentary: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” demonstrates a “radical kindness.” Mr. Rogers begins his children’s TV show not by taking a walking stick and putting on sandals but by putting on a sweater and changing his shoes. During the civil rights era when black children were thrown out of pools Mr. Rogers asked the black police officer who came to visit to bath his feet with him in a tub. After doing so Mr. Rogers dried his feet with a towel. Fred Rogers was a lifelong Republican and Presbyterian minister. The Gospel according to Fred: the child is closer to God than the adult; the sick are closer to God than the healthy; the poor are closer to God than the rich and marginalized closer than the celebrated. At one point in the series, the tiger puppet (Fred’s inner child) sang “Sometimes I wonder if I’m a mistake.” Mr. Rogers always tried to reassure children and he treated each child (every child listening and watching at home) with profound respect. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” is in my Netflix queue. Often people are moved to tears by sadness but sometimes we are moved to tears by genuine goodness.       


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July 08, 2018

14th Sunday Ordinary

We would not expect a homecoming like this when Jesus returns to his native place. He is recognized as the carpenter, the son of Mary, with brothers and sisters. “Brothers and sisters” in Aramaic is a Semitic idiom that refers to the extended families of Joseph and Mary including cousins, nephews, nieces, half brothers and half sisters. They are astonished at his teach...


June 24, 2018

Birth of John the Baptist

We can only image the joy and the fear of Elizabeth and Zechariah. Married many years with no children. But now, in the sanctuary of the temple, Gabriel, the angel of God, appears to Zechariah, to announce that he will be a father. Zechariah is fearful and questions God’s plan. Dumbfounded, unable to speak, he returns home. Elizabeth conceives in her womb. She remains in...


June 10, 2018

10th Sunday Ordinary

Saturday morning was the feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Gospel was from Luke chapter 2 verses 41-51. It recalls an incident in the life of the holy family of Nazareth when Jesus is 12 years old. Mary and Joseph discover that Jesus is not with relatives and friends as they return home from Jerusalem. He remained at the temple listening to the ...


May 27, 2018

Most Holy Trinity

We are viewing spectacular and frightening volcano eruptions on the Island of Hawaii. I remember my experience on top of a volcano on the Island of Maui. In the middle of the night we drove up the mountain to be in place at the top when the sun rises. It was so dark that we didn't realize that we were positioned inside the rim of the volcano. When the first rays of the mor... READ MORE

May 20, 2018


There was a special gathering in a castle chapel outside London. Invited guests and countless spectators watched and listened to the royal wedding of Harry & Meghan. The homily was given by an Episcopal (Anglican) Bishop Most. Rev. Michael Curry from the USA (with a connection to Buffalo, NY.) He began by quoting Martin Luther King: "When we rediscover the power of red... READ MORE

May 13, 2018

7th Sunday of Easter

Our 2nd Reading is from a letter of St. John. It begins with a condition. "If God so loved us" -- if this is true, if this is what we believe and what we experience -- then "we also must love one another." It ends with an imperative. What we receive we must share. "God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him." Our love must be expressed in our pa... READ MORE

May 06, 2018

6th Sunday of Easter

Girls and boys – how will you express your love to mom on Mother’s Day and to dad on Father’s Day? Perhaps you will in words or with a card, a hug, flowers from the garden, or maybe by making breakfast? There are many ways we express our love. In the Gospel today (according to St. John) Jesus is spending his last meal or dinner with his disciples. Jesus calls them... READ MORE

April 29, 2018

5th Sunday of Easter

Domestic winemaking goes back 6000 years. Techniques have not changed all that much. The vinedresser cuts back the branches growing from the vine to increase the yield of grapes. In Sacred Scripture “the vine” or “vineyard” is a symbol of Israel. In the Gospel according to St. John, Jesus speaks of being “the vine” and “the branches” are all those who enjoy... READ MORE

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