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May 03, 2018


Time: All Masses

Location: Church and Selbert

 Pentecost Sunday

May 20, 2018


Bring a “Holy Spirit Red” Geranium to Mass


 We are again collecting red geraniums at all Masses on Pentecost to decorate the Church on this special day.  You can also wear red at Mass to decorate the Church further!  This color reminds us of the fire of the Holy Spirit that descended upon the disciples at Pentecost.  Afterwards, the Church grounds with show off these beautiful plants for all to enjoy through the summer.  If you are able, please bring one geranium in a plastic pot and place it on the steps in front of the altar at any of the Pentecost Masses. 

Our church will blaze with the fire of the

 Holy Spirit!



If you would like to help plant these beautiful geraniums during the week following Pentecost (weather predicting), please call Liz McCormick at 864-2168 to volunteer your time/skills.


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